Eskei83 wins Red Bull Thre3Style Regional Final

We are happy to announce that Eskei83 just won the Red Bull Thre3Style Regional Final in Dresden. This event was the official qualifying event for the national final June 22nd in Berlin.

Eskei83 – GERMANY – Dresden Qualifier by Red Bull Thre3style on Mixcloud

The Rules (quote:

Each DJ has to play a minimum of 3 genres. In the spirit of Geoffrey Sumner – “This is supposed to be a journey into sound. A journey which along the way will bring us new value, new color, new dimenson.” We are sure you get the drift. Every competitor gets one 15 minute performance with the goal to impress the judges and excite the crowed. No matter what level of the competition you are participating in, the judges of your Thre3style performance will be using these criteria:

20% Originality of your Track Selection
(White Labels, Edits, Own Routines, Dubplates)

30% Creativity of your mixing
(Composition, Blends, Note Play, Word Play)

30% Technicality of your mixing
(Cutting, Scratching, Juggling, etc.)

10% Stage Presence
(You don’t have to wile out to have stage presence)
This is important!

10% Crowd Response
(You leave them wanting more)