Dirty Thirty – my birthday party 2013 with internat. Champions!

I’m proud to announce the line up for my Dirty Thirty Birthday Party!



Saturday – December 28 2013 @ Kraftwerk Mitte, Dresden, Germany

international champions on decks
CHRIS KARNS f.k.a. DJ Vajra
(DMC Worldchampion 2011 | USA)

(Red Bull Thre3style World Champion 2011 | Canada)

(German Red Bull Thre3style Champion 2013 | Dresden)

DJ KITSUNE (Shadyville DJs | Frankfurt)
DJ DENS (Goldphingaz | Bielefeld)

VVK-START: Do., 12.12. – 12:00 Uhr!

Facebook-Event: www.facebook.com

Entry: nur 8 € im VVK
OHNE VVK-Geb. HIER: HARLEM Stores, Späti Striesen, Titus Dresden
Online unter www.krasscore.com

web: www.eskei83.com | www.krasscore.com

video: ESKEI83 in London

here’s the video of my gig at the Battersea Power Station in London. I had an amazing time in the UK and it was so much fun to play for such a great crowd.

Shout out to the other artists who was killing it on this weekend: Benga, Keele of Bloc Party, Lexy & K-Paul, Panjabi MC, Oliver Koletzki, Bombay Boogie Soundsystem and all the others!

I hope i can come back to the Kingdom as soon as possible!

video: Eskei83 rockin’ The Bridge (Serato & Ableton)

spontaneous recording of a part of my Remix Show set using Ableton Live and Serato Scratch Live with The Bridge. This part is my famous “Red Hot Chili Peppers x Jay-Z” Routine i do on almost every show i play…

it was recorded in several sessions, because i only had one camera and my iphone with me in this hotel. it’s not perfect in time, but i think you get the idea of the routine quiet well…

recorded with iPhone 4 and FlipHD Cam on 18.02.2012 in Frankfurt, Germany at the Radisson Blu Hotel

Eskei83 rockin’ The Bridge (Serato & Ableton) from ESKEI83 on Vimeo.