Serato DJ-FX for Scratch Live

here is part 1 of my Serato DJ-FX … as all of you should know: Serato Scratch Live comes with alot of presets for dope effects. all effect-settings are saved in separated files (1 file for each effect). so it’s easy to share effects.

i edited some of the presets for my needs:

1.”Echo Out” allows you to have a “ducking echo effect” like on the Pioneer DJM-909

2. “Eskei83 Super Breaker” is a Echo/Delay/HPF effect that creates a build up sound known from various dance tracks…

3.”Delay” is just a simple delay to break songs up and/or create breaks

4.”1-Knob Filter” is a edit of the regular 1 Knob Filter Effect but without the resonance. very similar to the filter of the Pioneer DJM-800 on top of each channel personal Flanger and Phaser Settings, and the lovely Roll Out (fast)

6.”Eskei83 Wobble” Effect for Tone Scratching / Dubstep Style

note: you need to download the zip-file and move the ´files to your “Effects” folder in your Serato/ScratchLive folder on your laptop.

ADD: i added a couple more effects to the folder! check it out!